HAHAHAHAHA!!! I did it! I got japanese kids to ask for more english time! I can't believe it, but for one of the first times, I actually felt like i was back in the states with genki kids, and English was actually totally fun! WOO HOO!!

Ok, now to explain what that whole celebration was about. I just got home from the third session of my after school English club. The first session was a bit rocky. I spent most of it explaining the rules, goals and guidelines of the club in what i thought was a pretty funny and exciting way, crackin jokes and all, but to no avail. A cracked smile came out once or twice but other than that, nada. After monday, I thought i was really in for it with this one... maybe i was a bit over my head trying to run an english club with my so-so japanese all by myself. So then yesterday was a bit better. I started off teaching them some other way of greeting instead of "hello. How are you? -I'm fine thanks, and you?" I taught them stuff like "hey/yo" and "how's it goin'? / how yah doin'? / What's up (sup)?" they seemed to like it, but were still pretty hesistant to try it out, and had absolutely NO emotion in their voice. It was better than the first day, but still... sheesh.

Then there was today. Today i tought them some more fun words like "cool", "hella" (northern cali ben for 'very'), "awesome", "" and so on. I dont know what it was but it worked. I proceeded to teach them to drop the 'g' in all -ing verbs (doing-->doin'). Then i tought them to drop the 'be' verb in "what are you doin'?" or "where are you goin'?" (It becomes Where yah goin'?" or "Whatcha doin'?") As well as change you --> yah. It was like suddenly they felt cool. For me it was awesome, too. Let me tell you, there is little funnier than a bunch of japanese kids saying "Mr. Sam is hella awesome!" or "This club hella rocks!" LOLOL!!! It was great. I really recommend you all consider trying to make your own english club. You might really enjoy it, and it might change your entire perspective on both japanese kids' ability to learn and the school system they're mired in. Its an hour very well spent.

Lets see what tomorrow holds...