Tuesday Morning

Ahh a dreary Tuesday morning. Tuesday is 1-nensei day for me. 1,2, and 4h period, then a DR meeting this afternoon so how much I'll be able to post...I don't really know.

I know I have a reputation for not having classes and not working but perhaps I should clarify. While I'm sure I'll never win the award for most classes, my actualy schedule invovles 2-3 chuugakkou classes every morning, and then shougakkou or kindergarten every afternoon. That's the schedule, in reality I usually only do about half the shougakkou classes and 3/4 of the chuugakkou classes, although I almost never miss kindergarten class. So really though, even on my busiest day there's at least 2-3 hours of free time. Maybe some with the same kind of schedule feel they work a lot, some who do actually have a harder schedule should, but comin from a world of 12 plus hour work days 5-6 days a week, any 8 hour job doesn't seem like much to begin with and certainly not with 3 hours of breaks, so I type and type and type.

I'm pretty much tired of studying Japanese by now, so I don't really feel like going over another list of kanji or nother grammar point review, especially when 1. I really don't care if I can read or write Japanese much better then I already can and 2. Nobody talks the way they teach you in the books anyways, so I find more use in just asking questions when I don't understand something. Bottom line: lots of free time.

So I'm curious, what does everyone else do in their free-time? Certainly I know of others with similar amounts of free time as myself, so what are you doing?

If you leave school, what do you say? What do THEY say? Extra-activites while at school? Ideas?
I enjoy typing and posting and debating and all that, but I don't know how much longer I feel like spending my entire day writing to websites, especially when a lot of the people I have had discussions with are leaving, what willIdo?

Well, haven't quite got the cobwebs outta brain yet this morning, glad I stopped drinking coffee, but sometimes I know it would help. Okay..discuss