The Waking Dragon

I think it's interesting that so much of our media attention is focused on Iraq, missing people and hurricanes in the USA. As though nothing else was going on before or since 9/11 besides the war on terror.

China is absolutely becomng more and more powerful and dangerous, every day. They are currently using something like 85% of the world's cement supply. Manufacturing companies are moving or have moved their operations to China at an alarming rate. China is falsely controlling the value of it's currency, while buying billions in US bonds, and yet, rarely do we hear about this.

In 2000, the Chinese version of Rumsfeld said that "War with the United States is inevitable" (search: Chinese Minister Gen. Chi Haotian for more info) but how come we don't hear about this???? can you imagine if Rumsfeld said "War with China is inevitable and we must start preparing so as to have advantage" Can you imagine the outcry? and yet that is EXACTLY what the Defense Minister of China said, AFTER getting approval from the President. Where is the media?

Within a few years, China will have more money, weapons and power than any nation on Earth, and they don't mind using it to get what they want, sans Geneva convention rules. With US and Allied forces busy in the Middle East, what will happen when China decides to make a move. International Corporation s in China will be nationalized or shut down, the economy will suffer tremendously, over-used militaries will already be stretched to the breaking point, and China will have a billion people, a highly developed military and tons of cash to fight any and all who challenge it. Why is no one talking about this?