Well, with an afternoon of nothing to do in front of me, I figured it's about time we got back into the realm of discussing the world's problems. So let's go.

The recent bombings in London seem like a good place to start. Much has been made of the idea that somehow the people deserved to get bombed, as though they "had it coming". I think that is total BS. Who had it coming? The people going to work on trains and buses? What do they have to do with Iraq, the Middle East, Israel or any of that crap? Answer: nothing.

See when the terrorists hit the WTC, there was at least a reason. The WTC's represented Capitalistic power and the Pentagon was a major part of the American War Machine, but what do the trains in Spain, the Tubes and Buses in London, the nightclub in Bali.......and all the other targets have to do with anything? Why not target parliament or something? I can understand why embassies might be targeted, but why locations that are strictly civilian in nature? That is absolute barbarism. Heartless, pointless and meaningless.

Besides Spain, who's newly elected Prez got in by promising withdrawal from Iraq, few nations if any, especially in the modern era, have been scared into submission by terror. If anything it usually goes to strengthen the will of the people to win. It works both ways too. The Iraq War is acting as a catalyst to bring together radical muslims from all over the Middle East. What other solution is there than violence when things reach such a point?

We eventually left Vietnam, but the Vietnamese kept the fighting in Vietnam for the most part. There weren't any attacks on America or the UK or whatever, outside of SE Asia, but how will we leave the Middle East? Is the idea that attacks will stop once we are gone? I find that highly doubtful. I mean c'mon, the first WTC attack was in 1993, this isn't anything new.

Even if we leave Iraq, what then? We still will fight terrorism and search for Al Qaeda and Bin Laden, and as Iraq has become a new breeding ground and flashpoint for Al-Qaeda, it's not likely we will be leaving any time soon. What is likely is that the case will be grown against Iran, and probably just about the time we are ready to leave Iraq, another coalition will be put together to go after Iran. So who will lead this coalition? Even those supporting the Iraq war probably aren't excited about the prospects of going to Iran. Bush will be gone by then most likely, so what will happen? The next Prez will likely be a Democrat, though I truly hope it's not Hilary.

Will it make a difference? Do you think an Iran war is likely? Do you think troop withdrawal from the middle east will stop violence elsewhere? Do you think the terrorists will EVER be satisfied? If so, when? If not, then how do we win?