Velcome, Velcome

Dear all,

I'm reckoning that the majority of readers at this point are the old foggies who are reduced to frolicking on the internet for hours at time in the name of duty. From someone whose predecessor was wise enough to avoid school over the holidays and hence set a precedent whereby i'm not expected either at school or at the Board of education over the course of the summer holidays, my sympathies are with you all. Hope that the new comers will find their way to this page soon and we can fully resuscitate this baby.
With Matt's departure the role of blog moderator has fallen to me, upon Lee's insistance. Fear not though, as the aforementioned englishman will be continuing his epic tale of he, veteran striker and tosu's postal staff.
Will Koizumi's plan to privatise the post office have an effect on the outcome?
Will it end in tears?
Who knows.

If anyone is interested in doing a blog for a week then please please please let me know at :
Until then, I may tapp a note or three until the new year takes momentum. Tomorrow I start a kids summer camp, which is called "hello kids" shortened from "hello kids, goodbye sane alt".
Last year, Adam and i decided to play some background music during the classes. Funnily enough the choice of disk was "monty python's greatest hits" which certainly kept us entertained. Just glad that the kids' english skills were of such an redundant level that none attempted a "sit on my face" singalong.
Imagine....."oka-san. listen to what i learned today...EVERY.SPERM.IS. SACRED"
Oh Lordy!
starts tomorrow.
can't wait.
bet i won't sleep tonight with the glee and expectation that now occupies every atrium of my heart.

Yay, and Yay again.
(unconvincing ne.)
nighty night.