The Green Girl With The Bird On Her Head

for over two years, most weekdays i have walked passed her. i have thought about her many times but until today i have not dug deeper: the who? the why? the all-round what's up?

outside my school in the parking lot stands a statue of a girl in a two-piece dress. cropped hair. placid expression. bird on head. hand on bird as if she just discovered it.

is it a hat?is the bird wondering where that girl came from?and the quintessential conundrum with a slight twist: "which came first, the chicken or the girl?"

i asked a handful of teachers at my school whats going on with said statue and none of them had much of an answer. one teacher did offer that the bird was probably a dove, a symbol of peace in japan, and i guess everywhere. but that really doesnt feed the bulldog of curiosity.

and im not sure about the peace supposition. i, myself, have never had a bird nesting in my hair but it doesnt sound too peaceful to me. not even to take into account the possibility of avian incontinence. after the initial thrill wore off, i think it would worry me.

so no one knows who she is - or even the name of the bird for that matter.
one ofthe teachers did go out to investigate the statue. he read an inscription on the pedestal on which she stands that gave evidence the statue was a gift from the PTA on a specified date. he looked up the statue's skirt, but im not sure what he was looking for.

anyhow, i guess this is a large part of my job... the cultural exchange part of it: to cast a fresh eye on this cullture, even if it is to ask the jaded, unconcerned masses, "whats the deal with the green girl with the bird on her head?"