I decided to bike out around the coast and get some photos this afternoon for something to do instead of just sitting here doing nothing. I biked out and took some nice photo’s.

As I was heading back to school I was pushing my bike up a steep river embankment. Now all around here there are farms, and the farmers have piles of rubbish they collect as they go about their days in the fields. Every so often they burn these piles of rubbish. As I head over the edge I see one of these big piles of crap.

There is a tiny little squeak coming out of the pile. I park up and head over. Looking into the pile of old Styrofoam containers, empty sake bottles and half eaten lunches I find six, new born, abandoned puppies. They’re so young they still have umbilical cords and their eyes haven’t opened. A couple weren’t moving and I didn’t know how long they had been there.

I raced back to school and grabbed some plastic bags, raced back to the pit and pulled them out of the garbage one by one. I had to wade in through spiders and bush to get the last little one that was making the noise that led me to his brothers and sisters. Three male, three female. They cried in my backpack all the way back to school.

They are now sitting in the office, where, apparently, someone from an animal shelter in Takeo will come to get them. I am sticking around until I find out for sure they are safe.


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