Puppies love listening to Isan

The person from Takeo was unable to make a pick up tonight, so I decided to play the puppies cute card to their own benefit and take them into the staff room. Kyoto sensei has agreed to take them to Takeo tomorrow, requiring them to be looked after for one night.

The other teachers fawned all over them and they were split up into groups and taken home to be cared for overnight by various teachers. I have one with me now. I will call her HomeStarRunner and she is now resting nicely after having her first bath. She did not enjoy her first bath and protested mightily, however, she is much cleaner now. I did find her in a garbage pit after all. She has been fed three times this evening and when she makes a noise now I just stroke her back and she quiets down as she doesn’t appear interested in any more milk for now. I feed her by dipping my finger in milk. Then for her part she tries to inhale my finger. Then she burps a bit and goes back to sleep. I expect I will spend a good portion of this evening comforting a scared puppy who misses her littermates and cries a lot.

That’s okay though, she had a pretty rough start.