Rag Doll

From wikipedia

In computer game engines, ragdoll physics are a replacement for traditional static death animations. Early computer games, going as far back as computer graphics themselves, used hand-created death sequences for characters. This had the advantage of low CPU usage as all a dying character had to do was choose from a pre-set finite number of animations.

As computers increased in power, it became possible to do limited real-time physical simulations. A ragdoll is therefore a collection of multiple rigid bodies (each of which is ordinarily tied to a bone in the graphics engine's skeletal animation system) tied together by a system of constraints that restrict how the bones may move relative to each other.

The term ragdoll comes from the fact that the articulated systems, due to the limits of the solvers used, tend to have little or zero joint/skeletal muscle stiffness, leading to a character collapsing much like a paper ragdoll.

See a basic demonstration of ragdolling here. Hours of fun. Especially if you’re drunk. Grab the model mid flight and you can make him dance too.