Random Notes Of Little Import

Well, I am sick today. "Taicho ga warui desu." (File that under 'useful phrases') However, I figure I would go ahead and post to the blog since I said I would.

Well, the typhoon passed through my 'kubi' of the woods with little incident. As a storm watcher – an immature breed akin to a roller coaster fanatic - it was a bit disappointing. As a connissuer of sleeping-in, I found the day-off highly rewarding. Glad the damage was minimal.

In the way of internationalization, yesterday I learned from a Japanese Buddhist that the superstitious notion of spilt salt being bad luck is actually rooted in the Bible when Judas purportedly spilled a salt cellar (pre-shaker) at 'the last supper'. I did not know that.

As an ALT, the fall is my favorite time of the year. We've got the speech and recitation contests coming up, which I really enjoy as it is an all-too-rare opportunity to do one-on-one language work with students keen to push themselves. Also, it is community eikawa season here in my town, which is always good fun, plus it gives me free reign to plan lessons and create texts. Most of all, I usually make a good friend or two.

I am in the process of setting up a book swap club to accommodate my semi-ever present need for fresh reading material and what I perceive as a reality shared by the 'gaijin' community. Literary recycling. At the price of postage for a book, it sounds like it could be a pretty good situation. If you are interested in this, let me know... or go ahead and send me a list of books you'de be willing to toss into the swap circuit. Any feedback appreciated.

As for music… Sonny Rollins, jazz saxophone great, is playing The Zepp in Fukuoka on November 4th. Tickets went on sale last week. Queen - with Paul Rogers of Bad Company fame standing in for Freddy Mercury - is playing the Fukuoka Dome the night before.

A previously lost-in-the-shufflle recording of Thelonius Monk's Quartet featuring John Coletrane at Carnegie Hall in 1957 just recently resurfaced and is currently being broadcast on Sirius satellite radio exclusively. Because of sloppy labeling, it spent decades in the archives of the Library of Congress unnoticed. On September 27 th, the 51 minute recording will be released on the Blue Note label. Good stuff. Also on the vintage jazz front, I recently discovered a copy of Dave Brubeck's Jazz Impressions of Japan , which is readily available here in Japan.

Well, that's all I got for today other than a bad stomache ache. Take care.