it stuck

tuesday evening.
garish, loud television despite low volume in background
on display, tonight, a man holding stick adorned with clown head ...
i wonder, does television like this exist elsewhere but here?

so, in box labeled 'in' is message from aine
'please write'

i do not know blog
except that a green, bulbous, undulating glob is found within said letters
a reminder of grocery store, quarter costing, plastic encapsuled surprise housed next to bubble gum machine
(i always wished for red, even though colour was no indication of differing flavour)
now that stuff, it stuck, and it stuck to everything.

tonight happy tales are not forthcoming
arrived home after work today to find very small kitten lying on furry side gasping for last breath steps from door
no amount of care able to revive him
it's stronger, healthier sisters and brothers nearby
deserted cries heard a few days earlier answered with cardboard box stuffed with towel, nick climbing steep rocks in flip flops
and semi-hourly nightly trips outside with cat baby formula and bottle purchased at nafco
these kittens left by their mother,
fed and nurtured by previous alt's
'please take care of her'
i like to imagine she's hitched a ride to the ocean, her white baby in tow
all that fish and stuff