the one everyone hopes not to get

today my fate until the new year was sealed
went to temple with japanese friend
who, over lunch of pasta with corn (and lots of it - there seems to be a corn surplus in saga, have you noticed?)
explained that there are three different kinds of omikuji:
one. the most favorable - large sized luck
two. the next most favorable - medium sized luck
and three. the one eveyone hopes not to get - small sized luck

at temple
there were six different omikuji boxes to choose from
once i had decided on the blood type box, inserted two hundred yen into the slot,
into the ab abyss my hand dove i reached and grasped and then
ever so carefully i loosened the seal
without a moments hesitation, i thrust it at my friend, not even attempting to put my three months of japanese study to the test in the most meaningful of moments ...

a pause


'well, um, you have small luck'
'but put this in your wallet and it will protect you'
'you should tie your omikuji to that rope and the highest man in temple will do what he can to be sure you don't get bad luck'
ok. when can i try again, for better luck, i mean.
'you must wait until december'
oh. ok. thank you.

a few moments later:

you mean, i can't come back and pay another two hundred yen tomorrow, as soon as the gates open, to see if i maybe get medium or large sized luck?
'no. you must wait until december'
oh. i see.

damn that omikuji.
you are now the cause of future arrivals at station five seconds too late, burn on finger as i attempt to navigate relic propane stove, and frustration when i reach for wallet at store to find it not there.
or, perhaps,
a scapegoat, negator of tardiness, carelessness, and forgetfullness ....
gotta' love that small-sized omikuji somehow.