Saga through sleepy eyes

Top of a morning to you all,
(is that how you say it, that phrase which Amercians mercilessly accuse us Irish of using?)

Hope everyone is well and remembering that, despite the pain the return to work inflicts upon sleepy heads, we are one whole day closer to the weekend . Lots of respect to bank holidays for they`re great.
Such is the wonder of bank holidays, and such is the extent of the disregard the Japanese have for taking of nenkyu, that i`m almost surprised that no poor over-worked company employee hasn`t taken it upon himself to erradicate a few emperors. we could call him, Ripper-san Hiroki. Emperor dies, we get another holiday. Oh! and there goes another one, death by mysterious circumstances...another holiday. well, no harm in a bit of sadistic dreaming.

Just wanted to thank those who have been submitting to this blog over the past few weeks. Very entertaining you were Ollie, Colin, and Adam.
This week, a lady takes the stand. Joining us all the way from Ottawa in the very big Canada. (For the non-canadian citizens among us, just to let you know, Canada is very big. Bigger than YOUR country probably, especially if you`re from Singapore.)

Anyway, rambling aside, The lady in question`s name is Jayne.

Over to you Madamoiselle Bergeron.