Bring the Mountain to Buddha

Some of you may be considering a Master's Degree after your JET Programme experience is finished. Some of you may already be enrolled in online degree programs. I have considered both options, but declined to officially enroll anywhere as of yet.

For me, the logical next step in education is an MBA, but I think regardless of the field you want to enter, my current study method may be worth considering by some of you.

If you're gonna go to grad school, you might as well shoot for the best right? For business people, that usually means universities like MIT, Wharton, Kellog, Harvard, etc... Unfortunately, the top schools do not generally offer total online degrees, so my hands are pretty much tied. One thing I have found though, is that by searching through the syllabi of these universities, I can find the textbooks, course materials and outlines of study for almost all the classes I want to take. In this manner I have been able to create a sort of self-study MBA, whereby I use the same materials as the top schools, just don't get the lectures and group work. Many of the books are available through or even downloadable, and they are certainly a lot cheaper than tuition. If you're like me and care more about the material than the degree, this may be a good option for you.

I find this is really a good way to keep up with my studies and use my spare time a little more effectively. If anyone else has some ideas along these lines, or has found some really good online university programs, please share your comments and of course, any questions would be great too.

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