Dare I say life is good.....

I've just been reading the comments about socialism, class, and race on the blog.....and I thought I'd go on a totally different track and say how happy and excited I am right now!

Why am I happy? Well, it's Christmas, and I'm flying home to see my family. Last year, things weren't so merry so to speak, but this year everyone is much happier, so I'm damn excited to be goin home. It'll be summer for one thing. There's a new edition to the family, in the form of my niece called Jordan. I'll get to see my boyfriend for the only time in a year, and well, they speak English in NZ! Camping, beaches, BBQ's and sunshine....here I come.

Also, 'U2' are coming to Japan. So, I'm getting mighty anxious to find out the date of that one. I know it'll be in February or March sometime. Diane and I have made a bet with one another as to the date. We'll be tripping up to wherever they end up playing. Yeah baby! I'll post that on Sagajet as soon as I know more.

Moreover, my friend arrives in Japan the day I get back from NZ. I'm gonna show her the wonders of Kyushu. Needless to say I'm gonna have to get over my fear of being 'nekkid' in public before she gets here. I'm a huge fan of hot pools, don't get me wrong. It's the whole naked thing that throws me. I just happen to think that nakedness is a private thing. That's one of the things about this country that confuses the hell outta me. Japanese people are so private, yet they get their bits out in public no problem. Then, they look at people like me and wonder why on earth I could possibly have a problem with being naked? Well, I'm gonna stop there, cause I could go on for hours about contradictions.......Anyway, I've been to an onsen or two before here, but I'm still not used to it. Nor will I ever be. Never mind. When in Rome....

I told my JTE that if you go naked in a NZ hot spring you'll be arrested! Ha ha. She thought that was ludicrous (spelling?). I will definately be venturing into the hot springs in Hokkaido, so will tackle my fear head on! At least I'm not like my friend Hilary who toured around Tibet and was watched by the village men on top of the hills peering at her through binoculars while she bathed in hot pools! Dirty deprived men.

So, here's to 'U2', Christmas, New Years and whatever makes YOU smile!