God and his Dandruff.

Good Morning one and all,

I hope it`s white enough for you all.
How about THAT for snow. No more "You think THAT`s snow, you should see what we get" from you Canadians, now hear!

It seems as though our blogger for this week is unreachable hence the silence.
Rathar than suffer the silence, I`m wondering if those of you who are signed up to the blog, might type up a few words over the next while, say...two weeks. There are plenty of us so it`d be interesting to have a sort of pick`n`mix style of writing.

Wishing you all a beri hapi kurimasu,

so from me season`s greetnigs and from my far-too-strong cup of murky green tea, Happy new year.

And remember, be good, and if you can`t be good then...

(anyone like to finish that for me?)