Most Dangerous Mistakes

In a recent comment, I retold the story of how I was nearly killed by an act of mislabeling/misinterpretation by using cleanser from a jar of creamer in my coffee.

On another occassion I found a staple in my soup, which could have been rather dangerous as well. Luckily I eat soup with chopsticks now so the chances of swallowing it were diminshied, but nonetheless... what the hell??

Then there was the typhoon that hit while climbing Mount Fuji, and the yakuza kidnappings in Saga and Kobe. To put it lightly, Japan has been an adventure. I'm curious what other people's tales of adventure in Japan are. Surely there are lessons to be learned from each and I know I like laughing at stupid things people do (which means I'm constantly entertaining myself) so let's have it.

What's the craziest, most dangerous, interesting...etc.. thing that has happened to you in Japan?

If that fails then adventerous stories in general would be nice too.