A rose by any other name ...

Greetings from the US.

First and foremost, let me apologize to Aine. I have not been sitting in front of a computer very much during my vacation (compared to my ALT working hours ...) so I was unable to contact you about the blog. But have no fear, Nickthegaijin is here to update this blog from the US.

So last Thursday I took the bus from our beloved Saga city to Fukuoka airport. My suitcase, 90% Christmas presants in tow, was safely tucked beneath the bus. I traveled 12+hours from Saga to Fukuoka to Osaka to San Francisco. My trip fell apart at San Fran. Once I stepped foot on America soil, I became nervous and uneasy, opposite of what I thought I would feel. I suddenly could understand all of the conversations around me. With Japanese, it is much easier to turn your brain "off" and block out all the Nihongo, but English seemed to permeated my brain. My flight was delayed 3 hours, people were crabby, yelling pushing, shoving. No bowing, thanking or waiting. 28 hours later I walked into the door of my home and collapsed on my bed.

So traveling sucked.

It's great seeing friends while home, but reverse culture shock can be just as bad. To think that our friends' and family's lives continue unabated without us. It can be shocking! Well it is 2pm the day before Christmas, and I have some more bags to tie and presents to wrap. I'll write more in the next few days, but I hope all of you are enjoying your holidays, wherever they may be...