Ahh test week ...

Today is test week. I also did not bring my laptop to school. So in short, I am bored to tears. What better way to fill ones time than to post on this here blog? I think there is no equal! Anyway ... I must apologize for my lack of blog postings when I returned to America. It seemed that in that very short time I wanted to fit so much in. If anyone traveled or returned home did you feel any sort of reverse culture shock? Even if it was for such a small amount of time. We have all embarked on a journey that has taken us thousands of miles away from friends family and comforts. (but that is part of the journey, isnt it?) But I guess what really confused me was that some of my friends or family got "angry" that I did not spend enough time with them. How does one deal with growing up? When you are on "vacation" for 2 weeks, and try to see everyone you would normally interact with within a year, things are going to seem a bit rushed. Anyway, one of my family members, on my last day home, one who I had spent considerable time while back in the states said, with a glaring, angry tone, "Oh, Nick. I didn't realize you were home these past two weeks." I was floored. I had given up time to spend with my friends, and other people I had not seen in 6 months and would probably not see for longer. I had given up a good friends wedding to stay with my family. This to which I was returned, "I didn't realize you were home." Is this growing older? Is this how we deal with problems. Of course I still love my family. But it just made me think.

Well enough lame, boring, introspective crap. How about some funny flash sites to crack you up on your day of "rest".

This site was given to me by my Japanese friend who runs an Eikaiwa in Taku. I call it "shinBASHI" It kind of pokes fun at Japanese pronunciation of words. You need sound, but it is work safe. Your coworkers might wonder why random Japanese words are comming from your computer, but they probably are scared enough of you as it is ...Shinbashi

And number two. This is a series of Japanese Fanta commericals about different teachers pulled from different jobs and teaching in their own unique style.

I think everyone will enjoy the first skit. Leather Jacket Sensei screaming passionate English only to be greated by a sea of blank stares and mumbles ... sound familar?

Have a good test week!

-nick, nikku, meat, kinnikkuman, sensei, mr. nick teacher, gaijin-san... I answer to pretty much anything these days