wevinue and wecognition testo?

So i made a bit of ablunder with the artist name..its actually "convinience"
...shouldnt make too much of a difference, although i can imagine my cultured bums in japan biting his toungue in anger as he read that part...
So what is happening in my old life? Anything exciting? Do i long for the lazy summers of 2004 and 2005? Have i moved on from the tranquil life where time doesnt exist...

Yes to say the least..but maybe not all in a good way. london has aged me...im scared to find out what il be like if i actually finish this profession...

As im new in the blogging thing, im not too sure how to adress each blog...to give an update of what iv done each day? to talk about philosophical and historical matters (haha)? to complain monotonously about the weather and tube delays?

When i finally return home (which is tomorrow, il put some pictures on)...all in good time tho, and right now i think its a good moment to share with you the adventurous working day of moi-self!

7ish - get up. this is the usual, "switch your alarm of and on routine", so it feels like you are cheating the morning and getting that extra 2 minutes of sleep which will ofcourse give that extra amount of energy to stay awake at least till lunch time
(i forgot to say that the morning follows a night of what tends to either be a gentle to alocoholic amount of drinking, time with the miss, or a late movie because for some unknown reason, im not tired at 2am!)

8ish...bored the train. make sure my mp3 is fully charged. Am trully pissed if i forget to charge it and i have to spend an entire morning listening to silence, or even worse, someone elses music. everyone seems to have a worse taste in music compared to me.

9ish - get to work...if im extremely confident in my blagging skills, i can come around 9.30. fridays are especially lazy!

Now the exciting part begins

work 9.30ish - 5ish
unlike my peers i havnt really gone past the dreaded 7pm mark. I seem to have been very lucky in my jobs. I only to go to clients in central london, and i always use my girlfriend as an excuse to leave early...or these days instead of sounding too whipped, its my brothers tennis games as another excuse.

- anyway too much has been written already. I have some interesting material to talk about concerning a life as an accountant...or trainee...or bum/trainee/incredibly bored trainee...

i think its time i leave the office. somehow i dont think its a good thing writing this blog with a manager behind me ...

p.s title refers to my japanese managers english accent. il leave it up to you to judge how serious you can take him.

part 2 of work continues later on...this is exciting stuff isnt it!! Now i have to go and watch "chicken little" in 3d. Life doesnt get any better.