What the ???

We have what 20 bloggers registerd or so? Where is all the new blood? Why is this blog dying as slow, slow , sl-------------ow death? Have you all suddenly become the busiest JETs in the history of the programme? (spelling edited to benefit non-Americans, because thats what THEY did) Surely a group as diverse as ours has people with some things to say!!!!!!!! I've been taking it low-key this year hoping others would step up, but beyond Clay, noone really stands out.(except for John, when he had the blog for a while, but you've been quiet lately)(and of course Adam, who is just abrilliant artist waiting to be discovered) Speak your minds peoples!

Quit acting like you've got better things to do and write some interesting shit!

A new look, a breath of fresh air. Aine did her damndest and we owe her much, but now its time to take the gloves off and make this blog a better and more worthy version of its former self. I mean, I haven't defended American foreign policy in months!!! What the hell is going on?!?!?!?!

Highly educated, highly motivated and no one in spitting distance that speaks English beyond a high school level. Tell me what part of that description doesn't fit you?

Take the safety off and start shooting damn it!