Let's Hijacking Threads!

Well with everyone posting helter-skelter I felt the need to jump into the fray. Let me paint the situation for you. 3nensei-4kumi(the fourth class) and little Nakamura-kun. Nakamura-kun decided that the day before graduation would be an AMAZING time to shave ones own head with a pair of clippers. The result, it looks like he did it with a weedwacker. Simply amazing.

Namakmura-kun is also the same boy who tried to extort 1man from the 2nenseis in order to pay off high school students from beating him and his friends up. Also, and this is the best, what follows is our morning greeting...

Me: Good Morning CLASS!
3-4: mumble mumble imfinethankyouandyou mumble mumble
Nakamura-kun: I AM SAUSAGE!!!!!!!
(This is his attempt to be funny, instead of saying "I am so-so.")

Me being the resourceful educator I am, grabbed my electronic dictionary and told him to look up the word sausage. He does, but is confused. Sausage means sausage, you know like from pork and what not. I told him to look down the list at about the 3rd meaning

the third meaning was close to these: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=sausage

Needless to say, after he realized that he has been saying "I AM PENIS" for the past 5 months, his attitude changed rather quickly.

:) Happy Graduation.