Of Dolls and DJs

She reaches out, caresses my cheek and exclaims excitedly, "KAWAII!!!" Uhm, ok thank you I'm flattered... you can quit touching me now. So apparently, she's never met a Singaporean before. Ahh, she's a seamstress! Good... now I won't have to bring clothes back home to get fixed... nice to meet you.

He smiled and sat right by me and whispers.."I'm fucked... on marijuana...". Thanx for letting me know, you can go now. Damn it, he doesn't move. But to be fair... afterwards he introduced me to half the people in the club, he also seems to to enjoy hi-fiving me whenever he runs into me and holds my hands. Later I get hi-fived and had my hand taken by even more people... hmm..must be a Japanese thing. Night turned out good anyways; great music by 3 DJs, wonderful company and I danced till I was half dead. Will be back!! ;)

Earlier in the day, woke up ridiculously early for a Saturday morning to abyssmal weather to make my way to Arita for the Hina Tour Conni organised. Apart from crappy weather, thoroughly enjoyed self. For only 3000 yen, got to drink coffee out of extremely expensive porcelain, watched puppet show entirely in porcelain, toured the town, witnessed porcelain production, ate oishii Edo-style Hina Gozen lunch and got to hand paint own porcelain piece. Arita's a charming place but personally can't see self living there - too inaka - had to be driven to supermarket coz that's only place ATM was open. However makes for a wonderful weekend trip... if you have no plans for Golden Week, you might want to consider visiting Arita; place comes alive with people from all over coming to haggle over porcelain.
The Story of Arita
Once upon a time, there was a village named Shirakawa on the spot where nowadays the city of Arita is located. Often a giant snake, who lived at the nearby mountain, Mount Kurokamiyama, came down to the village and attacked it. It scared the villagers and destroyed their houses, caused fear and devastation. When these destructive visits became more frequent the villagers decided that they urgently had to do something to fight the snake. They came up with the idea to sacrifice a maiden to stop the snake of doing further harm. They presented this plan to their feudal lord whose beautiful daughter, princess Manju, as a result offered to sacrifice herself to the snake for the sake of the village. Princess Manju awaits the snake in the village officer´s garden, trying to attract the snake with a dance to make it come down from its lair. All of the sudden, the snake appears and attacks the maiden. At the crucial moment the warrior Minamoto no Tametomo, famous for his skills with the bow and the arrow, shows up and rescues the princess. He aims at the giant snake with his arrow and hits its mark. Mortally wounded, the snake disappears into the ground and was never seen ever since.

How was your weekend? ;)

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