s.l.e.e.p.y but M.u.s.t...w.r.i.t.e..b.l.o.g... PC on, camera ready... NOOOOOOO!!! forgot to bring USB cable!! card reader?? also no... arrrghh!!!.. a week in Singapore without pictures :( *sobs* wait a minute... what if SD card fits into dad's camera??? IT DOES!! 6am and brain is functioning!!! YAY! on to blogging..

One of worse airports for stopover has got to be Taipei terminal 1... BORRRRING!!! 3 teeny DFS, 1 teeny museum and 1 eatery and 1 teeny bookstore - I was done in an hour - only so long I can shop, ended up drinking coffee and staring at people for next 2 hrs *imagining* being given a Thai massage...ummmm..

What I LOVE so much abt Japan is how polite people are...

Taipei DFS- saleslady with 5 layer make-up bumps into Amalia who is innocently perusing products

Saleslady (thinking): Stares irritatedly. Bitch, why are you blocking the way?

Amalia: Stares back. stare stare stare

Now if its Japan - Amalia bumps into 10 layer make-up saleslady

Saleslady: ah!! Sumimasen!! (bows apologetically)

Amalia: gomen! gomen!! (5 min bowing session ensues...)


So back in Singapore (gourmet & shopping paradise) for 9 days... first thing to do is EAT MEAT! Have to abstain in Japan coz I can only take 'halal' meat... can easily find in Fukuoka BUT am world's lousiest cook wouldn't know what to do with it.. so first stop, take family to Lau Pa Sat to eat SATAY *drool* !!!

Built in 1894, Lau Pa Sat is the largest remaining Victorian filigree cast-iron structure in Southeast Asia. Located in the heart of Singapore's business district, the former wet market has been restored and is now a favourite food centre of the locals, offering a wide and affordable variety of local food.

Afterwards, ditched family to go to Ministry of Sound and party with people I've never met before - Peter & Risa (I intend to visit many places and give you the inside guide to Singapore & its culture in case you visit... don't u just love me?? ;) The club's huge, 2 floors... with one main dance area and um.. maybe 6 other theme rooms and VERY crowded, so come early and even better, book a table. Drinks are VERY expensive. Side note: Clubs/pubs in Singapore close around 3-4am so you can forget all-nighters.

After hanging out at MOS for awhile we went to Rush @ Muhammad Sultan where I was to meet Marc, a friend's cousin who wanted me to do vocals for his band's recording.

Muhammad Sultan Road is one of the latest entertainment hubs in Singapore with a wide variety of pubs, nightclubs and wine bars.

Marc: When you enter don't be surprised, its mostly Ah Bengs and Ah Lians (definition below) and the music is Eurodance, and involves mostly cheering. Used to be connected to gang activity..

Amalia: Urm, okaay...


Marc to Kenny: I wanted Amalia to be the vocalist but..

Amalia: I am only in Singapore for a week and to be honest, I don't really do Eurodance music... *apologetic*

Risa: I LOVE EURODANCE!! one thing led to another... Risa becomes potential candidate for vocalist... Risa Takashi & Project NRG... nice ring to it ;)

In the club, I must have felt like how Gulliver felt the first moment he enters a new world... I saw crazy wild dancing - coordinated arms and legs moving (kinda like Japan's Para Para) and yes... CHEERING... hahahha, funnily enough at same time I was fearing being attack or witness someone else attacked I was actually cheering was infectious!!!

Are you a Singaporean Ah Beng?

An unsophisticated Chinese boy, usually Hokkien. Stereotypically, he speaks gutter hokkien and likes neon-coloured clothes, spiky, moussed hair and accessories such as handphones, all of which are conspicuously displayed. He also likes to squat, even when a seat is available.

Are you a Singaporean Ah Lian?

A pet-name which literally means, "lotus flower". The female equivalent of an Ah Beng - an unsophisticated Chinese girl.

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