..And The New Term Begins

Meanwhile.... back at the base school.......

………how do the two idle ALTS of Takeo Koko find ways to amuse themselves? They decide a great way to get the level of English moving forward and increase the students enthusiasm is to hold a camp. This, in itself was a mission to get the teachers to agree. Needless to say, being a pain in the butt helps and eventually they gave in. So on the 16th of April Takeo Koko held its first ever English camp.

Judging by the students initial reaction to the words `English Camp` which no doubt conjured up images of an extended Juku we did not think we would get the numbers to facilitate the event. However, after much bribery which entailed promising tons of candy, games, music and cute ALTS…(more specifically cute boy ALTS), we achieved our target.

So we started the day with ni-nensei students at 9:30am and carried on until 12:30 and then went on to san-nensei students from 1:30pm to 4:30pm.We mercilessly doused the kids with candy and man did it work.

We had them turn into little sheep, dancing lions, Ninja cats, mooing cows. But the kids performed great overall and we managed to pull off various skits and debates to boot.

Here are just a few shots of the camp and the shenanigans we got up to. Craziness I tell you …craziness…but all for a good cause.

Hats of to my co-conspirator Uma and the rest of the crew of ALTS who devoted their time and expert creativity which has undoubtably set the stage for more successful camps to follow. At the end of the day we were exhausted…but a sort of good tiredness that comes from a long day of activity and job satisfaction. So, well done team.
Splendid ol` chaps…just splendid :-)

Ok sharp, ..till next time….. ladies and gents…