The Art of Travelling Light

....we can at least try...

Right at the outset, let me just say that this isn’t just a female conundrum. Whether it being just for one night, a weekend or a month it’s not easy. Firstly we have to consider all types of weather and then guess what type of mood we will be in, what shoes go with the mood and the bag to match. Before you know it you are trekking around with far too much luggage and kick yourself when you arrive at your destination ….cause you KNOW you ARE going to shop!!!!

Above are a few snapshots of Lisa`s and my trip to Malaysia and Singapore in December last year what a blast. We tried to pack light….that did not work. But what an amazing trip…

Since most of us are flying of to exotic lands in the coming weeks, I thought this might help, (Ganbare!)If by some miracle you guys manage to follow these…please tell me how….

Below are a few links that may be a source of guidance. Enjoy!

Jeesluik! It’s Friday already. Have a brilliant weekend!
Don’t do anything toooo naughty….and if you do TAKE pictures…hehehhheeeeee.

Cheers Ouens!