Changed! Who Me?

Something peculiar happened over the past week, a friend of mine back home on Msn, said that I sounded different, maybe somewhat distant...(Okay …okay. I got slagged for that one the first time)…I mean she said that I seemed changed somehow. My response was that being 2 continents away can do that sometimes and she agreed, but sounded quite unconvinced. And so this got me thinking…

Surely leaving Jets might identify with this sentiment a little more. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that the world revolves around us being away from home, but the world we left behind has moved on, and so have our friends, family and the occasional pet rock. Apart from being a bit more internationalized and engaging in an enormous amount of self-analysis, how much have we really changed? I guess we will never know until we assimilate back into our “natural habitats.”

Will we still be accepting of our old beliefs and predijuices? Will we still have the patience to tolerate previous limitations and expectations placed on us? Where do we fit in after all this experiences we have acquired?

Although having re-contracted for a second year myself, these questions never the less do imposingly linger.

I wish us the best of luck and circumstance in finding the answers?

Take care and have a fantabulous week ahead!