Ello Ello!!!

Aweh! Aita Bru!!

This is Miss Badsha Naicker rockin out to you from Takeo. For my fellow JETS in Saga Land who don’t know much about yours truly heres a little intro. Proudly South African and recently out of a Winter hibernation my goal for the next 2 weeks will probably be to inspire a little, inform and provide a little insight into my experience in Japan. One, which all JETS might find all too familiar and at the same time a bit curious things that make u go hhmmmm???)

I must say that I have been a bit fortunate than most newcomers in Japan, not only do I have 2 Jets as adjacent neighbors, the lovely Miss Lisa ( note to the wise don’t mess with Scotland..she bites! ) and The One and Only Angus White (hey Coz, word up), but a great network of friends that never fail in fun, support or reminding me so much of family that I can`t remember the last time I felt homesick.

Okay, okay enough with the sentimental interlude lets get down to business, I figure I have two weeks to share the lurrrve....so Im gona ease u down the road of my insanity and crazy adventures one step at a time.

Lets start with the fact that over the past two weeks I have had an amazing genki-fied feeling of positivity, maybe it has to do with love, or the sunshine finally peeking through the perpetual dreariness of eternal coldness or the fact that after being an ALT in Japanese schools for the eight months I feel I am actually making a dent with my presence in the classroom. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I have finally come to a personal definition of what my role in the classroom is and have stopped banging my head on the wall feeling like an un-adjustable freak. This may appeal to certain Jets and maybe not to others, but the key I found was adaptation. When I say adaptation I by no means selling out on your true values (which I am still in the process of figuring out does it ever end???), I mean setting your boundaries and being open to interpretation. Seeing humor in the situations that surround you even if at that point you want to scream your head off at someone for rummaging through your garbage, peeking into your shopping basket or basically staring at you in disgust or the heights of frustrating curiosity (pheeeww I am calmly counting to 10 think Zen Badsha think Zen....) okay I am back, and so I was saying life isn’t as complicated or as stressed out as I`ve made it out to be.

Honestly, I stopped taking myself so seriously and realized that, there were more lessons to be learnt in this experience, whether it be walking around in our beloved Gusto as a Hoar in dress up gear for the famous red card night of debauchery or being the professional ALT in the classroom, the trick is to be grateful for every moment of this experience you have had. The truth of the matter is that whether your personal experience of Japan has so far been good or bad it is all up to you and you will have to ask yourself if all these inter-cultural faux pars, frustrations and gambits on your future are obstacles, or really the most beautifully disguised lessons you will enlist through-out your life time.

So bringing this entry to a close I have to tell you that I will be blogging from Durban, South Africa from next Wednesday onwards as I am heading for the beautiful African Skies on Tuesday for Golden week and am on a mission to prove that we do not have fri-jacker cars roaming the streets, we do have electricity and no I do not keep Elephants in my garden. I am so psyched up for this oooohh homefood..... .curry...... Mummy’s style.

I choon you.....its gona be wicked stay sharp ouens... Me gona kick down.