Hello from Hong Kong!!!

Hello people!Hey Bru don't knock the ch...ch..changes , it happens to the best of us.So did a bit of sight seeing.Its really pretty.Took a stroll along a famous avenue of stars pier.Ate a pizza.Had ice-cream.All in all the epic 8 hr stop over was'nt that bad.Made a little pit-stop in Taipei as well so I'am almost home,if only I had magical slippers.....I am at the internet cafe at the departures terminal, at the Hong Kong Airport, listening to some jazz in the background...all in all quite romantic.Its a pity everyone is so beat they are all asleep.I realised I'm still speaking in Japanese pleasantries,somehow i doubt that will ever go away...secretly I hope it never does.

Okay Im gona say goodnite for now and find myself an empty couch to make my new best friend..