Hobbies in Japan

So it’s a beautiful day, we’re physically fit, mentally sound…(well most of the time), bursting with energy and in an amazing foreign country. For whatever misgivings one may have, what a recipie for adventure.

Hobbies in Japan, come on there must be tons. Though understandably getting home at odd hours and being fatigued does mess with ones enthusiasm. Although, surely if we’re really honest, we can find time to turn idle hours into productive, creative outlets, whether this being an exotic Japanese art form, yoga, learning a new language, social dancing or just climbing a mountain.

I for one have taken advantage of Spring fever and stated some flower gardening…yeah.yeah laugh if you will. This may seem somewhat of a geriatric pastime for most but it’s actually quite a stress relief and fun exercise, I mean how often to I get to be six years old again and play in the dirt. Also if anyone knows of any volunteer organizations to lend a hand to, or feeding schemes/shelters around in need of assistance, Hollaback…

Jolling…(South African Slang for partying, having a knees up kinda thing) every weekend is great bru…but after a while we need a catalyst to help us find a passion for waking up in a foreign country every morning….something to revive the old zest for just being present I guess….

Anyways me off to fix sum grub!
Stay cool!