Ohhhh... It's all about me now !!

Hello, my name is Lisa Small. I am 22 years old and my starsign is Cancer. I enjoy travelling, candlelit dinners and long walks along the beach. If you are interested in friendship, or maybe more please call 0954…….

…. Konbanwa !!
It’s the “other Lisa” here to blog for your enjoyment for the next 2 weeks… Yippee !

I’m currently residing in the inaka which is called Takeo and currently I’m the only Scottish representative in Saga. I call a wee village, called Houston, just outside of Glasvegas in bonnie Scotland home, although I haven’t lived there for a few years now.

I’ve decided to stay in the land of Japan for another year, in part due to all the fabulous people who live out my way. (However, contrary to popular belief we do accept members from all over Saga… even as far away as Fukuoka !!) In the inaka version of the “ken-apts” we have my fellow Takeo Tarlet, Miss Badsha, and the infamous Cosby and his definite better half, CK !!

Ohh sorry I mean his other better half...

And then we have our recently amalgamated Takeoers, The Tan (outta the uchi) and Mori Mori Maurice.

And last but not least we have our adopted members who although are not officially in Takeo, we allow them to spend time with us. Most notably of these are Mr Kiwi himself, and the New Jersey Kid. (Again I must stress we have no official membership, nor do we discriminate on regional grounds !!)

Anyways on top of all these fabulous people there are also many other reasons keeping me firmly in Japan. These being…
#1 Karaoke…. My life would be severely diminished without this fantastic way to spend an evening.
#2 My darling students who have been known to make me laugh, cry and wanna scream all in the space of 10 minutes.
#3 The fact that I have sooooo much more of Japan to see.
#4 I have no idea what I’d do if I left Japan… Law or teaching…. Law or teaching…. Now that is the question.
And #5 would be a close call between Chu-hi (who would have thought that gringo* Chu-hi would make one so cheerful ?!?!?!) and the fantastic evenings spent in the circle of death, playing zoo, slaps, up Jenkins, mafia…..

So anyways I’m going to stop rambling now as I’m off for some tea (or dinner for u Americans!!). That’s a wee self-intro and I’ll be back tomorrow to share my Golden Week trip to Vietnam and getting down and dirrty in the mud…. Ohhhh I bet you all just can’t wait !!

See you all tomorrow
xxx xxx xxx

* Yes now I know its ringo but for about 6 months, NO ONE, not one, of my so-called friends, thought to correct my asking for some “white-man juice” on a weekly basis !!!