Happy Tuesday :)

Good afternoon everyone !!
Today it's going to be a bit of a mixed bag of blogging !!

So I spent the weekend in Oita ken, with a large proportion of you guys,at the Concert on the Rocks. Overall the weekend was FAB !! The weather was a scorcher, the company was sublime and the music was super !!!! For those of you who don't know the concert was up in the mountains in Oita ken so we were all camping out on the mountain-side and apart from a few issues with someone (who shall remain un-named) sleeping like a starfish, someone else (you know who you are!!) being a notorious blanket-hogger and a tent pitched on top of a rocky ditch, a good time was had by all !!

The one thing that struck me about the weekend was how unbelievably beautiful the area was. Driving up through the mountains and forest was soooo picturesque. I now understand why when telling people I live in Kyushu they tell me how lucky I am because Kyushu is so beautiful.... normally I reply with "ummm yeah... it's nice"... I mean Saga is hardly the most picturesque of places I've ever been!! But the more I see of other prefectures in Kyushu the more I see how breathtakingly beautiful Kyushu is and how lucky we are to be surrounded by mountains (or as the rest of the world would call hills !!!) and green forests and rivers and rice fields. And although Saga isn't the most beautiful place in the world I am really happy here as it provides the perfect spot for exploring the rest of this amazing island...
So here's to spending the summer exploring beautiful Kyushu :) (PLUS let's be honest we all really do ROCK in Saga !!!)

And now onto a completely different topic. I had a class this morning with 1-3 at Shiroishi Koko... which is one of my best English classes... and I want to share some of their best work with you all !!!

At the moment they are learning how to write a paragraph. Previously the paragraphs they wrote were all really dull so I decided to set them 7 questions about their dream date and then we would work on arranging their answers into a paragraph. Included in these 7 questions were... who is your dream date? where would you go? what would you do? what present would you give your date? and what would you do to make your date like you?

My favourite paragraph went like this... "my dream date is Lisa because Lisa is very beautiful. We would go to Kyoto because I want her to learn about Japanese cultuers. We would make dinner together and I would give her a lot of roses. I would say interesting thing and make her happy".... nevermind the pretty good English for ichi-nensei, I think I may have just found my future husband !!! What a cutie !!!

Second place definately goes to the answer to what would you do? ... "we would spoon together" and when asked what she meant by that her answer was "intimate relations" !!! Oh lala !!! Who was it that said that students were shy and reserved in Japan !?!?!

There are a few others worthy of mention including the answer to what present would you give your date?... I would give him a big lunch box"... now isn't she definately going to make the perfect Japanese wife !!!! One of my boys would give his date "much LOVE" and another would take his date to Hokkaido and then give her "a necklace in a snowball".... how romantic !!! Now where are all the boys in their 20s that are this romantic ?!?!?!

Classes like this really do make it all worth being a teacher in Japan :)

Hope your Tuesday has been as amusing as mine

Take care xx xx xx