I'm Mintian-American

Last night on the train to Karatsu, I ended up sitting across from two girls studying nursing. Watching them explain i.v.? feeding tube? procedures was pretty cool. Near the end, one girl offered her friend some mints, called Mintia. I thought, how would I explain the nuance of "tia"; that it implies "a state (of)"? Well, I guess I would have to use another word that ends in "tia" and then tie the common meanings together. Okay, so what word? The first one I thought up was, "Croatia."

"Ah, yes, you see, Mintia sounds kind of regal, like the King or Kingdom of Mints, just like Croatia, or the Kingdom of Croats. And then, instead of mints, you would call these Mintians."


my second word was "dementia." Oh yes, that's much better.

Today my plan is to:

Teach the governor English
Read the newspaper
Read the stuff passed around the office
Find a place to hold capoeira in Karatsu
Write the aisatsu for the leaver's party
Answer some PA emails
Edit my newsletter
Edit the Saga website (kind of, I don't really know whose website it is)
Make some photocopies
Write this blog
Write some personal emails
Eat lunch
Talk to my coworkers, try to make them laugh/like me
Read the online update for Passions (whacked-out soap opera, what happened to Marty?!)
Do my kumon homework (maybe, doesn't look good to do it during work)
Record the July SPIRA Phone Service message

This counts as a busy day, but this is how most of my days flow. Busyness and/or quality of work offered differs from day to day. Exciting, but unreliable. Like having an affair instead of getting married.

any suggestions for teaching "mintia" are appreciated.