Saga Blog 4.0

If I'm counting right, the design you're now looking at marks the fourth incarnation of the Saga Blog. Sure, four may be a highly unlucky number here in Japan, but I'm not going to let that dash my hopes for this version of the blog. Plus, I'm pretty sure you can ward off any evil the number four may bring by rambling on about web design, so that's just what I'm going to do.

Sarah C. asked for my help in redesigning the blog when she took over moderator duties at the end of last week. Since Adam did all the hard work for me when he designed a header image and suggested a theme for the new look, I was happy to lend a hand.

This whole design is based on three words that Adam wrote when he suggested his header: "clean, simple, neutral." Saga Blog is written by a pretty diverse group of people, and I tried to come up with a design that wouldn't distract from what this group writes; content should be king here (or maybe emperor, since we're all in Japan). I was aiming for a look that was clean yet appealing, simple yet attractive and neutral yet not totally soul-less.

Whether or not I've met all these goals isn't for me to say, but I can tell you a few more things about the new design. First, you'll notice there's not much to look at on any page other than the posts (and ways to see more posts); hopefully this will let the blogging speak for itself. Second, the color scheme is drawn entirely from the header image, so blame those darn Saga landscapes if you don't like soft blues and greens. Third, this is the first time I've designed a Blogger template, so please let me know if I've screwed something up or accidentally removed a feature you really liked.

Thanks go to several people who helped with the new design. Thanks to Adam for doing all the thinking for me and coming up with a nice header image. Thanks to Sarah C. for taking on moderator duties and all the perks that come with that (like getting three emails from me before 8 a.m. on a Tuesday morning). And thanks to ex-moderator Clay for his work in braving the world of Blogger template code in the previous version of the Saga Blog; it's a scary world those template tags inhabit, and I'm glad I didn't have to go there first.

Enough of my rambling, I'll leave you bloggers to it and slink back to SagaJET where I belong. I hope everyone keeps up the good blogging and enjoys the new version of Saga Blog.