Sam Shepard, alive and well

“Elisabeth, can you check this translation? The Japanese is 防災情報ネットあん・あん. And the proposed English is “disaster and security information net “.”
“hmmm…. I would say disaster and safety information net”
“I see, thank you.”

“About the net, this is their reply. “disaster and safety information net net.”
“why did they put another “net” in there? And this should be a hyphen, not a period (an-an).”
“A hyphen?”
“you didn’t say that before.”
“I’m sorry. A period doesn’t make sense. Or they could capitalize the letters.”
“They wonder why they can’t use the period.”
“Because it doesn’t make sense, we don’t have that middle period in English, so putting it there would confuse people. What if they made it one word?”
“I’ll check”

“They said if you made it one word it would become anan. (pronounced uh-nan). That won’t work.”
“That’s true, what about the hyphen? Or a space? Or even that middle period? People might understand it.”

“Elisabeth, come here and explain to him why you chose this translation.”
“Ah, well, I think that safety is more reassuring than security. And this needs to be a hyphen because of grammar.”
“English doesn’t have that middle period”.
“Right, we don’t have it.”
“But I just don’t think that “safety” tells people they’ll be receiving police updates.”
“Well, you could use either.”
“Does the Japanese have a feeling of “receives police updates?” No. And why did you put the extra “net” in there? That’s what I want to know. There’s no point to it. You’ve already got one, and there isn’t an extra one in the Japanese, either. What’s up with that?”
“I’m sorry.”
“This needs to be a hyphen, or capitalized – “
“ – that’ll make it anan!”
“or you could just leave a space…”
“no no, that doesn’t make sense. You see, they don’t have that middle period in English”
“see, I understand that safety includes the typhoon warnings and such, but I just don’t know about the police reports.”
“safety just sounds better, security has a scary feeling to it. You could use either one.”
"And this should be a hyphen"

total time: 1 hour.

Remember those handwritten "JETs this way" signs at the first meeting for B group, where you met your supervisors? Those took 2 hours of on/off site meetings to create.