Cooking class and beyond

This afternoon was spent recovering from a combination of my week, lastnight at Rebeers (saw leather JTE plus two) and today's cooking class. Believe it or not I still want sleep (maybe partly due to the fact that I only got up because my other friend was up doing things in the dark so I felt guilty).

One Thing Noted:
"The Mosquitoes of Shiroishi"
Now it being mosquito season a.k.a summer, the mosquitoes are out, but so are the repellants, which come in many sizes and forms (much like vibrators - actually this sudden realisation comes from seeing some rather incriminating Takeo Farewell pics mind you hehehhe; people know thyself:). Either way, you would think the repellants would be enough. NO. In Shiroishi you could light every citronella candle in sight/ plug in every mosquito combating device, or even kick like you're fighting the fight of your life- DEM NAH MOVE! The relentless buggers! Hmm, well if they think they've won these rounds, mi nuh dun fight yet!

The usual side note (one of many):
You know my ALT interval is having an adverse affect on my once sound sense of grammar and English usage. Forget having just workshops on how to teach it, how about how to keep your English pristine instead *raised eyebrow*, ne.

My Cooking Class:
So I reach the class with my posse (T. and Tonto) ready to attack the recipes, establish oishii success, and of course devour :). Well my friends, it was a hard 5 hour fight (today is nuff "fight"), but our comrades, led by chef Haslam ;D, put up a good battle and eventually with a little seasoning help, or redo of assignment, succeeded. Never forget the reggae tunes blasting in the background :D Nice.

Things cooked:
Sweet Potato Pudding with Rum Sauce
Banana Fritters
Ackee and Salmon with Yam

Note to self: find a new assistant who isn't drawn to distractions,such as, hitting on women during the class and drinking off the much needed rum then translating poorly.

Recently discovered disturbance that I am grateful to not fully internally fathom-
People having an over awarness of their colour/ others.

Hail Tonto and T:) - just because I can;)

MUSIC, GOOD FOOD, GOOD PEOPLE - Night mi ready fah yuh!

Over and out