Today as I rushed to school in the rain via my car on the highway and as always not knowing what class schedule to expect at Kishima (my other school where I have to be a detective because my new supervisor often sees it not truly fit to tell me much unless I ask/ search, hunt and discover), I only had on my mind please don't give me a random first period class. Well as it turns out I had a random first period class, so this means a big rush into the photocopying room because today Lee-Ann was not prepared.. oops.

Christian : repent and you will be saved

Buddhist: reincarnation and karma

Judaism: Traditional Judaism firmly believes that death is not the end of human existence and something close to christians with ressurrection and judgement with the coming of Christ I believe.

Islam: According to the tenets of the Muslim faith, death is the complete end of physical life and the beginning of a period of rest until the day of resurrection when Allah judges the living and the dead.

Hinduism: the world of "samsara" (the cycle of death and rebirth). Unlike Western treatments of reincarnation, which tend to make the idea of coming back into body after body seem exotic, desirable, and even romantic, Hinduism, Buddhism, and other southern Asian religions portray the samsaric process as unhappy. Life in this world means suffering.What keeps us trapped in the samsaric cycle is the law of karma. In its simplest form, this law operates impersonally like a natural law, ensuring that every good or bad deed eventually returns to the individual in the form of reward or punishment commensurate with the original deed.

Spiritualism/ Spiritism: all people and animals that have been loved (had their vibrations raised) such as pets, continue to live after physical death. On crossing over we take three things with us: our etheric or spirit body (a duplicate of our physical body) all memories and our character.

Do you think some people choose their religions based on the fear or hope for the afterlife?

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