The Execution

Ok so I forgot what it's like to teach art to teenagers.
I think today I am still recovering- slightly out of it be the term. So if I sound semi-loopy, more than usual:), please forgive me.

If I wrote as intended, lastnight, this would of all been in patios because I ooman was tired. So maybe it is for the better [it caan be best - mi computa nah wuk propa:( ] that when I went home I discovered that my home computer has finally called it quits/ possibly developed a virus (the virus reasoning is linked to the odd call this morning quering if I emailed someone that I didn't- stranger things have happened)/ x. So it is has been shut down and is presently 'resting' until I take the time to look at it. My blogs may also be fewer, I apologise.

Wah dis! mi apologizin nuff to rah!

There may still be some patios:)
Movin' on...

Quilt making- Day 1

I awoke early Wednesday morning.... 7am:) (yow on a Saga Nishi day that early fah me). This was after much snooze hitting of the alarm, and done just in case I would have classes. I was told if there was rain = classes, no rain= sports day. So to be prepared, I cut up some squares for the quilt making project. As you all know there was rain, which equalled quilt making yeahhhhhh!!!! So I proceeded to school.

Previously (Monday) , as asked, I made up this intro. to the class sheet for the students- quilt making how tos, brief history, requirements including things to bring and think of (may as well since I'm making the sheet- it will save me the trouble of bringing everything and most important), etc. Now the teachers were to hand these to the students on Monday so that they would be prepared for class because I was told, "Lee-Ann sensei this is new. They will be stunned (my word, the others are too long and have the same general meaning) and look at you for 10 minutes and do nothing...." My response, " that's ok we have 50 minutes" (big bright smile flashed:). Long and short of it prepartion paper was made that very Monday to be handed out, I repeat again, that very Monday.

Well it turned out that only one teacher handed it out. So that meant one out of three classes was prepared and 3 mad rushes by me back to the craft store which I now know opens at 10am and not at 9am as I previously thought, and closes at 7:30pm (just in case any of you needed that information;). "Tokai" it name. At least though one teacher had asked the prepared class to lend his non-prepared class their materials. He asked if I was upset. "No", I said which was true, but I wasn't too pleased with the other teacher who said he only saw the sheets on his desk on Wednesday morning, when they were put there from Monday with explanation given to another san nensei English teacher who sits right beside him. Fine yu see dem Wednesday but where you going wid the explanation yu still doan have "no time to". ??! Wah dat? Gi de pikney d papa dem. Finally he gave them in lunch time.

This is the teacher who a student asked me if I think he is stupid during one of the cleaning times, some time aback. The answer is still no.

Hardest part for them: thinking of a design on the spot - a representation of them that is meaningful and ties in Nishi. (Hence a use of the paper. Turns out the sheet not a bad idea. Thank you Nodomi Sensei.)

The end result/visual impact on Lee-Ann: One sweaty, smelly EXHAUSTED little Lee-Ann with a sliced thumb and a combination of blood and paint/ marker colour (not sure what it was) on her shirt.
p.s The same teacher who had no time gladly helped me to my last class and told me that it was the first time he ever enjoyed a team-teaching class.
"Thank you".... I think.

Gloss.(abridged version:)
caan= can't
nuff = a lot
pikney = children/ child
Gi= give
d= the
dem =tem
papa= paper

p.s I'll try and post some pics of the students work.

Mi nuh tink it suh hard fi overstand?!! ( I don't think this is that hard to understand)

Yu nuh tink suh?

Lesson being learnt by ALT between yesterday and today: swallow your pride, and give up some control at times. Input and critism can be good. You don't know everything. Don't let things get to you. Sometimes even a flopped class is just to show you how you could do things better (This has reference to today's 2 nensei class in which the girls did the work and the boys didn't). Also, don't put tape on your lip and then quickly pull it off , your lip is not a good resting place for tape - it hurts, can take off some skin, and bleed!!!

Any ideas out there for fun classes using songs (High School level)?