The first Blog from a couple of days ago!

Hello everyone, its your least favorite gaijin hater!Sorry for that opening but you probably guessed that it's Kashima John!

I am new to this weird world so forgive if me I for my marked lack of carissma!Guess what I am doing right now...You may have guessed right, uh huh LISTENING TO HOUSE MUSIC!

Speaking of house music, Ureshino Kamil had his final party in Ureshino a few nights ago.I must say it was a nice lil get together!I got there mad late because I missed a couple of busses (as Adam and Naomi can tell you!)

But had a great time! There was a pretty good mix of J kids and ALTs. I'd give a detailed head count if not for the fact that I don't know the names of many of the people that came...

It seemed like I had alot more interesting things to say....Well stay tuned for the next installment !(that means I am in a panic to find some pertinent topics to share with you all!)