Ha ha ha ha

(and no we`re not laughing)

I just finished a marathon english interview test session with my first years, two hundred and bloody eighty something "are you hot?", "do you play tennis?" "Is this my pen?" and Lord knows that after the first hundred you start to lose sight of the great ideal that is to send out a band of students capable of reponding to a name-telling request. So, far too many fake smiles and lip-prompts later, a revelationary thought crossed my mind. Images of giant pliers were eclipsing through my head. I think I developed a momentary fettish for dentistry.
Nothing less that taking a saw and ripping those fugitive teeth out would have satisfied me.
I had thought and I was confident in this assumption, that teeth were intented to grow in one`s mouth. Alas no! Japan, the great nation, set apart from everywhere else, which stiffles so much expression, signals a defiant no to orthodonical constraits. Why have teeth in your mouth when they can hang from your nose, and never was it more trendy than to have an extra canine suspended from your ear lobe. It`s a permanent woodstock for these teeth, to hang as they like where they like, thrusting a middle finger to the homogeneous shoulder to shoulder stance, bra(ce)less and free, "you go north and I`ll go east and we`ll meet tommy tooth round the back near the throat exit."
Seriously, what a mouthful!