(((Starting a little off the title subject but...
Apologies to anyone that might of read Clayton's lil blurb about me moving or something...Come on, we are not children or boring old ladies with too much time on our hands, so let's remember half of what we hear from Japanese people is 70 percent 'well you know what I heard' type filtered heresay and 30 percent slightly misunderstood!
I am not transfering anywhere out of Saga, I was rejected flat out. I will disappear when I can but that time has not come yet!)))

VIVA Saga!

And now...

Man there is just something to be said for hanging out with a good friend!
It can really go a long way!

So here’s the story!

I met a super cool lady three years in Kyoto at university.
Pretty normal right?
She was from some boring backwater prefecture down in Kyushu (Saga, ever heard of it?)
Anyway I didn’t really care much about how boring of a place she was from until I got my JET assignment … ("Saga…hmmmm seems like I’ve heard of this place before …but …why???")

So I check the map of Kyoto (number one of my top three choices...2. Kobe 3. Osaka Prefecture)
and sure enough there is a place called Sagano… but there is no Saga in Kyoto…
Then I called up homegirl (who we will call F.S. to protect her identity) in tears wanting to know what there is to do for fun in Saga… she laughed for like 5 minutes and then told me about the party that she went to with a mutual friend in Kobe.
True story.

But I figure it wont be so bad to being in Saga because well she is from here so surely there will be other open-minded, intelligent, mad approachable, super fashionable ladies who won't treat you like a dumb foreigner or a cheap English tool…..
(Oh and she is a hard 8.7 on the sexy scale , 10 being the highest on the meter! Beautiful lady inside and out!!!)

Uhm… all of you out there in TV land if you know where to find any one like this out side of ‘gaijin pots’ please let a brother know!

Forgot to mention,
she loves Kyoto about as much as I do, so yeah, she never comes back to Saga!
And on top of that, a week after I got back to the 'land of the rising sun' (in all reality, maybe 'land of the rising skirts' is more appropriate (somebody tell these ladies to STOP!!!))

she moved to London for a year!

So I was seriously alone in Saga.
But my mails about Saga and her stories about funny adventures in London kept those lines of communication going strong!

And then she came back, kinda…
We had dinner and mad cool conversation in Saga city on Tuesday night.
Seriously great time!

F.S. left for Kyoto yesterday to find another apartment there (she is an only child and always has the nicest pads!) and is flying out to Nepal today to work at an NPO for a month!

Great kid with hella frequent flier miles!
Anyway we big kicked it!
Man homies!

To hell with dogs!
Man is man’s best friend!
Real homies, they are God’s gift to us shy folk!