Just Another Rainy Thursday!

I wish it were Sundaywooo ooo o
Cause that's my fun day!
But it's just another rainy Friday... (Saturday, Sunday ...)

I am posting Saturdays today on friday cause I dont have a computer!!!

Man I love Rainy days!
That’s probably not what you were expecting to read here after that opening but, I love rainy days!

A small history…I grew up in Oklahoma, which is basically half semi-desert (central to southwest) and half grassy forest (northeast corner.)I am from Tulsa which is in Northeast Oklahoma and when I was younger it rained a lot, it really did!

Playing in the rain was great!
Basically doing anything grimey is kinda fun when you are young, but that warm rain shower always made such an impression on me!

Now after many nice summer rain storms, shut in with pretty ladies, rain always makes me feel a little fuzzy inside!

Oh and let’s not forget that light seems to shine brighter in the dark.In the movies they always interrogate suspects in a dark room with a bright light…if they were really going for brightness alone they would take em out to some sunny location and shine that light on em….

Maybe I lost track of what I was wanting to say a little with my terrible police drama excerpt but rain makes colors ‘pop’ a little more…Deep greens, thick grays, and purple flowers always seem so much juicier in the rain…it is just me?

OK!So who else is mad excited about the new cats!And by cats I mean people and by people I mean foreigners, and by foreigners I mean ALTs, and by Alts I mean….. sorryI guess the 2nd and 3rd years who may be reading this are like “been there done that…you get used to new cats coming…”But this is my first time and I am stoked! (Do people still say stoked???)