Later on today on a completely different topic - a 'lighter' note

This week I will have my last classes with my san nensei students who I've grown very fond of. So we will be making a quilt in class. Lucky for me this is because I am allowed one 'free' class a year, aside from the writing lessons that we plan and amidst the marking of papers, which Busi knows oh too well;) Now some of you may be questioning why a quilt? Well the answer is simple it has much heritage, ties to me and it is meaningful... let's not forget funn:)
Please read below (especially if you have time;)
Brief history:
Quilting or sewing pieces of cloth together is very old. It was done by slaves in the past. Then it had no writing, only pictures because it was against the law for slaves to learn how to read or write. So, slaves used it to tell stories, history, and share something sad or meaningful with each other by means of a quilt. It was very important to them because they could express themselves and it could be seen by others after they died. They would hide its’ true meaning from their masters and it would pass from generation to generation.
Each square represented the individual, suggesting that a person’s centering comes from the inside rather than the outside. Only in stitching the squares together does it become whole illustrating the diverse roles.

If you have more time
I am glad my school actually agreed and I thank my "cloth shop tag along" for accompanying me on the cloth hunt yesterday. Also Rob for the directs (this means directions in my 'language'), as I'm horrible with those:)

Has any driver out there ever noticed that driving in Japan is like a game of dodge or be hit?-

You know I am surprised I have things I want to say on this thing, for normally my thoughts are all kept to me and the few that are on my dial pad. Heaven bless them.

Either case I want to share a short piece a student of mine wrote during an exam which completely killed the monotony of marking papers. Did I mention he is one of my favourites*D
The topic being when in University do you want to share a room or live alone. His response, mistakes and all:

I want to live in my private room, Because I can do a lot of things. And I can experience the difficulty of living alone, for example, nobody help me when I have a cold. This will make me stronger. Also, when I meet a pretty girl, I can say "Let's go to my room. We can enjoy the time alone." So I want to live alone.

Aren't they precious:D