My Day

My day thus far has been pretty interesting, at least in my book. I completed the quilt project, had a chat with my teacher in between grammar question/ answer session and found out he likes leather, snake skin, sparkly stuff and tattoes (who would of figured), completed my ni nensei lesson planning, rushed home by driving most of the way on the sidewalk to only reach the farewell party just in time to see everything I wanted a.k.a the slide show/ awards (I surprisingly got the most used keitai award - Me??)..., and got a gratitude friendship kiss. Phew yup. In a little bit off to rebeers. One thing I wish I heard Aine's speech though.

Oh the sweetest thing. The head of san nensei gave me an unasked for contribution towards the quilting project. Saying I hope this is enough. Hello, of course more than. Appreciation is always welcomed in my book. I love Nishi:)

By the way will someone explain to me how I am now a member of the "Beer Terrace Community" when I don't even drink beer and haven't been there once.??

Tomorrow = cooking class in Kitagata. Wish me good luck the sponsors speak no English and I haven't revised the cooking recipes, yup this will be interesting.

Little additional side note:

A Hospital Visit
Have any of you ever visited a hospital since you've been here? Not the maternity ward either I mean the admit sick patients... section?
Well I went to see my friend yesterday who was suffering from.. hmm digestive problems shall we call it. Well in there it boring nuh hell and they charge you for everything. So, seeing as it wasn't the pinnacle of the entertainment industry, we decided to go for a walk. Now this walk wouldn't be the most interesting one, me holding her IV stand while dodging the other elderly (anyone under 60 is considered young in this setting) heading for dinner or to watch their favourite drama (mouth agape of course as we passed by) or that man who nearly knocked me over to press the elevator button that I'd already pushed. . . basically the parking lot was the highlight. Nevertheless the point being I felt like we had been transported to another land where your friend's nurse is called hippopotamus by the JTE (perhaps because of her distinctive visage hmm) and shout at you despite the fact that you are from the land of the hearing. The nicest part of my visit was twofold, seeing my friend was relatively ok and talking to the security guard (nice man:).

Do you know that the elderly often go to hospitals as an entertainment ground to visit their friends??? In my mind partly due to a combination of boredom suffered because of early retirement, negligent offspring, lack of established programmes for them... and the fabulous healthcare benefits they get.

Real case scenario that happened in the hospital(my nurse friend told me- not hippopotamus):
Bunch of aged people sitting infront of the TV. They notice one's missing.
(Koga san turns to Yamaguchi san) Hey Yamagughi san where's Tanaka san?
(Yamaguchi looks around) Hmmm must be sick.

A hah!! dem nuh gu to the hospital cause dem sick is cause dey lonely!!!