My Kids Squares ( some of)

Theme/ topic: Why is Saga Nishi meaningful to you/ (at least) What is meaningful to you?

My question why does one look slightly suspicious?

Do you notice the one of me?:):) Some references to JA:)
Love dem students:)

A much needed side note:)
All those of you who have read my blogs and enjoyed them, regardless if you've told me or not, THANK YOU. It has been an interesting week blogging, especially with my internet circumstance:) If not for I-square, the computer room at school and Busi, some may have never existed. THANK YOU seriously.


Lee :)
p.s you never really realize how much you use or are addicted to something until it ceases to exist. True True

Last side note :) A recommended cartoon from 1968 (I love film/ creativity:) copy the link below