A Prayer

God please grant me/ whoever else needs it, the following:
the self-discipline and professionalism to jump out of bed every morning, and not call in 'sick' but in lieu, be on time for morning meetings- for if not I will have that dramatic teacher having a coughing fit infront of me to show he is still at work despite his 'cough' or that teacher who lives below me telling others that I get up when he is leaving for work because he can hear my every move through the floor/ceiling. Apart from that he seems cool
The enthusiasm to make an absolutely boring class/ topic more fun,
the alertness and good sense not to fall asleep like some other students nor draw flowers on my nails with the brown marker beside me in that said boring class.
The self-control to smile and not smack that teacher or student/ visiting PTA member who steps out of line and maybe drags me a few feet across the floor of an enkai by my hair because he 'knows' it must be a wig.
The determination to mark all 560 odd essay papers that always seem to lay on my desk in one sitting.
The courage and tact to correct teachers when they are wrong even if this means that they have given the students an exam with questions and answers that are seriously grammatically wrong or are saying a word wrong for the 40th time and having the students repeat after them,
the serenity to let some small mistakes slide without cringing because if you don't you will be 'fighting' an unnecessary never-ending 'battle' called explanation and the person/ student will forget the main point they are meant to grasp, and the wisdom to know the difference.
The foresight to be 'prepared' for the unexpected class schedule, the knowledge to answer those mind boggling grammar questions of the meticulous-minded, even more good sense not to hit on that cute teacher that makes everyday at that particular school an eye-candy blessing:D/(for some of you-not me) student
, and the wherewithal to remain a good ALT despite it being my last year.
I think I can p.s with Patience, kindness, appreciation/ gratefulness and sincerity.
You know what to he 2 stick with it. If you feel the need and you're truly prepared to deal with any repercussions, ask them out/ flirt with them yes (teacher meaning, NOT the student). Live a little;D and then tell me all about it if you are my friend ;D

Thank God for the students thats all I can say.


Did'nt fancy the song that played here
Little pleasure no.1 Water in any form, except dirty. In this case driving alone listening to a combination of the rain pelting down on my car and the good music that is coming out of my speakers; meanwhile experiencing the A/C blowing on my toes. It also helps to have an SUV that'll rip through high water like it isn't even really there; much unlike those 'cool' lower cars :p

Question of the moment: where does individualism and culture part?

Statement of the moment:
It is my belief that having a spiritual connection, whatever that may be, does not mean you are religious. Religious in my mind's eye refers to adhering to certain rituals, duties or practices, even in cases a little maniacaly. It has a slight but very present negative connotation.
re·ligious·ly adv.
re·ligious·ness n.
Synonyms: religious, devout, pious
These adjectives mean having or showing a belief in and veneration for God or a divine power, especially as it is reflected in the practice of religion. Religious implies adherence to religion in both belief and practice: The cathedral at Chartres is an expression of the religious fervor of the Middle Ages. Devout connotes ardent faith and sincere devotion: Devout Muslims observe Ramadan punctiliously. Pious stresses dutiful, reverential discharge of religious duties: a pious woman who attends Mass every morning.
Wah you tink?