A Grudge Against Chaos

Seeing as I am now totally unemployed and I have moved from my apartment I've got quite a bit of spare time on my hands while everyone else is at work.

Last night I took the trailer for the new game 'Warhammer: Mark of Chaos' and replaced the soundtrack with a clip from 'The Grudge' by Tool. I downloaded this clip the other day and its taken me a few days to choose just the right bit of music to lay over the top.

I didn't re-cut the footage in anyway, I just found a good starting point in the clip and timed the track to that. I feel it worked out surprisingly well so I thought I'd put it up here because, well, it's cool if ou're into this sort of thing.

This clip contains moderate to extreme CG battle violence so if you're not into that kind of thing then just keep on browsing along your merry way. If however, you think that a group of Imperial soldiers being attacked by demonic Chaos Knights is better than a new bike for Christmas then click the play button because I have a treat for your eyes and ears.