In the lapse of other coverage...

So, This weekend I was in Tokyo for the 2006 Lesbian and Gay Pride Festival, (there were also festivals in Estonia and Germany on the same day, Saturday) which was awesome, in case you're wondering (the typhoon kindly stopped just as we started walking). Wondering if I was in any pictures, I looked it up online today and found, to my bewilderment, that there wasn't a whole lot of media coverage, despite the hundreds of people taking photos and official "pride 2006 press" guys running around.
Anyway, there were 3,000-4,000 people present in the parade and lots of costumes and such, but most of us were in normal, rainbowed-up duds, a little casual if you will. We marched/walked/danced from Yoyogi Park to Shibuya and back, about 2 hrs in total. There were hundreds and hundreds of supporters lining the streets and the overpasses, waving flags, cheering and applauding the parade. Much better than in Estonia, where some people threw eggs and some people got beat up.
One weird thing, they didn't block the street off, so we're walking down one way and there's cars coming the opposite direction, with staff people running along the side doing an excellent job of keeping us from getting run over. We also had to stop at every light and wait to cross (!)
I met a bunch of neat people and learned that yeah, the community really is as small and fledgling as it seems, but it sure ain't gonna stay that way. ganabatte people!

I'm right in front of her! We're in the Jungle theme float, my friend and I switched after the music van for the Diamond Cutter float got lost and never showed up.