I spoke too soon about the not sticking me in front of a class on my own thing. Way too soon. Kawasaki Sensei comes up to me today and is all, I won't be here tomorrow. "Oh", thinks me, "she must mean she's cancelling the ichinensei class. That's good, 4 classes *is* pretty hard going"... Um, wrong. Very, very wrong. What she means is that she wants me to do it ON MY OWN!!!! Hahahaha...no. I'm sorry, but I have yet to teach a full week yet, and I have yet to teach that class AT ALL. Plus, I have been a 13-year-old student myself, and I remember all to clearly what went through me and my classmates' heads when our normal teacher was out of the room. One of the other two JTEs has a meeting, so she can only do the first bit, and the other one has 4 other classes. I felt bad about making them fill in on top of their other work, but there is no way in hell I am taking a class on my own in my first full week. We decided on a compromise - they don't have to team teach, one of them will just sit at the back of the room and do their preparation or whatever and step in if need be.

Had my second adult eikaiwa class tonight. Those classes are a scream. I worried about what to do for them, but it turns out I don't need to prepare anything at all - they all know each other and there's always a steady stream of conversation, and I just help everyone say it in English. Last week we actually got on the topic of Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. Apparently the class has been going for 10 years, with 3 or 4 different ALTs teaching it. Most people just come occasionally, but there's some regulars - Mabro, the leader, who does some kind of council planning job, Arishima San, who runs a hospital with her husband, which is where we have the classes (and is great to know if ever you get sick or need to know any medical stuff), Hiromi, who's a stylist (will do my hair for free, hopefully she can work with my frizzy mop. The only people who could back home cost $80 a pop), and most recently, a mother and daughter duo. The mother actually spent 3 months in NZ 1o years ago (which is why she just joined now, along with the fact that I know Japanese so if anyone really gets stuck I can explain) and the daughter has university entrance exams this year. And they are all COOL AS people. There's never been a dull moment in the two classes I've done with them so far.

During the day I went to Ariake West Primary and also one of the kindies. Jingle and Jangle were a hit in both. The animal karuta cards also went down well.

Day 3 of no aircon, and tonight when I walked to Arishima Hospital for the classes I almost needed to put a jumper on. It's finally starting to cool down!!!