My first Japanese cold (aka I hate myself and want to die)

Picked a good weekend for it though, apparently there's a typhoon coming this weekend, so I prolly wouldn't have got out much anyway. I'll probably spend the weekend getting over my evil cold and working on my much-neglected lyrics website, so if the next blogger has been decided already, feel free to step in whenever you want.

Did the dreaded almost-solo class today. Was really worried about it after taking two sannensei classes in a row (in each class there were a couple of boys who would *not* stop talking, and at not too low a volume either, but the ichinenseis were fine. All the same, I'm glad Ogawa Sensei was there, even though all she ended up needing to do was the odd explanation and helping me go round and help people with the writing exercise Kawasaki Sensei had set for the last 10 minutes. She had some marking that needed doing later, so at least then I didn't feel so bad about making her supervise my class during her free period.

That's about all there is to report now, so baibai from me and I hope you enjoyed my humble contribution to the blog! :D

PS: When I put on my shoes after teaching at the kindy yesterday, there was a roach in one. It was yucky. :(